Introducing eMerrge: The All-in-One SMS/LMS Solution for Education Providers

Are you tired of using multiple software solutions to manage your educational institution’s operations? Do you want a comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable system that simplifies student management, enrolment management, compliance, human resources, and more? Look no further than eMerrge, the all-in-one SMS/LMS solution for education providers.

eMerrge SMS/LMS is designed to cater to a wide range of educational institutions, including RTOs, CRICOS providers, short course providers, and vocational institutions. It offers a host of features and benefits that streamline administrative tasks, improve student engagement, and ensure compliance with national and state reporting obligations.

Student Management Made Easy

Our SMS solution enables administrators to add, update, and monitor student profiles. Students can access their secure personal portal to update their profiles, view their schedules and timetables, attend online classes, complete online assessments, and download class materials and certificates. Integration with accounting systems MYOB and Xero simplifies invoice generation, while a feedback feature encourages students to communicate their opinions and suggestions.

Effortless Enrolment Management

Administrators can use eMerrge to create enrolments for students. Students can search for courses and enrol in their desired programs via their portals. eMerrge immediately sends email notifications to relevant roles once enrolment is finalised, making the process effortless.

Seamless Compliance

eMerrge SMS/LMS is designed to meet national and state reporting and compliance obligations. Its built-in capabilities enable administrators to quickly prepare reports for AVETMISS. It readily captures USI, RAPT, CRICOS, and VSL data, and integrates with Moodle and TGA. Administrators can manage evidence of trainer competency and track updates to receive notifications when competencies expire. eMerrge captures all student documents safely and securely, ensuring compliance with security measures to keep data safe.

Efficient Human Resources Management

eMerrge SMS/LMS is a common platform where administrators, trainers, assessors, and students can collaborate, making it easy to manage all your information in one place. It integrates with other learning management systems like Moodle and Totara, allowing for streamlined management of staff and student attendance, performance, payments, and leaves. The system even generates student ID cards, issues certificates, and digital badges.

Trainer Competency Made Simple

Trainers can quickly record competency evidence for a student or cohort/group against a single unit or a full qualification. Administrators can easily review competency submissions and respond quickly to administrative queries. Notifications can be set for trainer competencies expiring, student attendance, and other important activities.

A Simplified Dashboard

eMerrge SMS/LMS offers a fully configurable dashboard for management operations. All student, course, and staff information is displayed in a single, responsive, and user-friendly interface that is accessible from any device.

Online Application

Onboard your students with eMerrge SMS/LMS, and record their journey from prospective students to enrolled students, all in one system. The inbuilt application form is CRICOS compliant and allows you to manage all your students and agents.


eMerrge SMS/LMS is the ideal solution for education providers who want to streamline administrative tasks, engage students, and ensure compliance with reporting obligations. Its comprehensive features and benefits, combined with a competitive price point, make it an attractive option for RTOs, CRICOS providers, short course providers, and vocational institutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how eMerrge can simplify your educational institution’s operations.