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eMerrge LMS understands Vocational Education and Training (VET) and is one of the most trusted Learning Management System used to deliver learning on a competency-based framework. The system enables your institution to easily create, manage, and deliver online learning programs and other training products using powerful inbuilt authoring tools.

About Cloud-Hosted eMerrge LMS


The system is ready to go

You only need to log in to access LMS.



eMerrge will keep your data as per your data storage policies and meet regulatory compliance.

Fully Hosted System

Get a fully hosted system that will store your training/learning files and data.

Reliable Servers

Safe data storage will always be available with backup files.

Worry-free services

Our LMS is redundant running in a multi-site to ensure you get good performance and uptime.

About Cloud-Hosted eMerrge LMS


The system is ready to go

Get a personalised design and installation of the system into your servers


Responsive Support

We offer you guidance and assistance when needed.

Ready To Make an Impact?

eMerrge LMS service offers:

Online Assessments

  • Question bank for your assessments allowing you to customise the way you deliver your assessments
  • Trainers can create personalised online assessments based on learner’s lesson plans and progress.
  • eMerrge LMS enables online assessment auto marking for short answered questions
  • With eMerrge LMS you can easily record RPL evidence for a student.
  • Examiners can capture photo or video evidence and upload it against specific assessment criteria

Question/Assessment Authoring

  • Assessments can be authored using features like filling in the blanks, matching, ordering to make the assessments meaningful and interactive.
  • eMerrge LMS offering also supports authoring Multiple choice questions and an auto marking capability.
  • Matching- Learners are asked to match together pairs of information to their correct definition or image with easy test-based drag and drop tasks
  • A unique feature to eMerrge LMS offering is an interactive video, which allows the student to watch the video and answer questions in the middle of the video presentation.

The Virtual Classroom

  • eMerrge LMS comes with an inbuilt learning-friendly video conferencing facility with a multi-user whiteboard.
  • With eMerrge LMS trainers can use break-out sessions to simulate groups in the virtual classroom
  • Your save! With eMerrge LMS’ inbuilt video conferencing facility. No additional subscription spend for a video conferencing service
  • Students can revisit the class through recorded class sessions.
  • Attendance noting is a breeze in a virtual classroom as student attendance is recorded automatically based on authentication records. 

Why Choose Us?

Hosting Solution

eMerrge LMS uses the latest server and technology to provide our clients with data security controls set up and limit the risk of data breaches.

Ongoing Support

We have dedicated staff who are committed to responding to each enquiry in 24 hours time frame.

eMerrge LMS has a team that continuously monitors the servers’ performance to ensure a high availability uptime. 

We offer ongoing support and consultation to our clients and ensure they get any assistance or change they might need.